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Welcome to the Tribe!

We are heartbroken and sending love. #manchester ... See MoreSee Less

22 hours ago

We are heartbroken and sending love. #manchester

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Trauchig was da passiert ist man besucht ein konzert um freude zu haben

Man freut sich auf ein tolles konzert und dann sowas.... Sehr traurig

act honteux ! la musique vivra toujours ! la vie continue avec le combat contre ces démons ! je partage la grande détresse des parents qui on perdus leurs enfants a manchester , j est de la haine mais je dois me taire pour le politiquement correct : je suis malheureux cela aurais pu etre mes amis , mes enfants ou mes parents ! paix a leurs ames !!

Die ganze Welt ist bedroht vom elendigen Terror.......aber wir lassen uns nicht brechen NIEMALS! R.I.P und viel Kraft für die Angehörigen...

So angry when i saw what had happened i couldn't see straight.

Love wount help ! Guns will.

Da du anscheinend keine Einträge liesst oder / und der Deutschen Sprache nicht mehr Mächtig bist, ist die Seite uninteressant. Tschauiiii


Descansen en paz. Es una verdadera pena en lo qe se esta convirtiendo este mundo. Solo el odio, genera mas odio.

Another heartbreaking incident. If anyone would like to show support for Manchester via profile picture....

God bless Manchester, God bless us all, Terror will never win.

As Maiden already said: "we will never surrender"!

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At work in the studio #doro #doropesch ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

At work in the studio #doro #doropesch

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Stefan Resek

She rocks

Make it very heavy album

You're like a wine, older u are, better u looks 😀 Btw my cat wear your name Doro :3 ^_^



Mirko Steeler 😍😍😍

New album, when?

Wann gibt's etwas Neues??? Doro Pesch Official German

Aber nicht hetzen lassen, und nicht überarbeiten!!!😍😍😍😍😍

Look great Doro.

A new album? Can't wait!

New album? I must have it.

Please after work in the studio come on in Paris,Lyon and Toulouse for the show please 🌈

Seit 30 Jahren dabei und immer noch kribbelig aufgeregt wenn ein neues Album kommt - Danke Doro...🤘


Süß bist du immer noch

Guten tag

With a Rock Goddess shirt a very obscure brilliant group

Come back to Phoenix Arizona. I miss you

When is this new album coming out?????


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Rock your weekend! xoxo Photo: Mike Savoia Monsters of Rock Cruise ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

Rock your weekend! xoxo Photo: Mike Savoia Monsters of Rock Cruise

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Can't wait to see you all in February back on the seas!!!

your right but the question always is with who?

im always down for a good evening But with wgi'

what you doin this weekend

That's how you take a picture! I was always taught that good composition is to have the key element of the shot towards the right hand side. Reason being, that's naturally where our eyes go and settle, on account of us reading left to right. 🙂

Love to you from Winchester Virginia

Tolles Bild von der besten Sängerin der Welt!!!! ❤️

Very cool

Metal Queen forever!!! 💕

Grüße aus Buenos Aires Argentinien!

I love

My husband, who is a real fan of yours, just played " raise your fist" song ( his favorite) and I was blown away!!! I am now, officially one of your fans! You go girl!!!

Metal Queen 💝💝💝

I hope you will do a show or two in florida

How ironic 666 likes! 🤘😈🤘

See you on Sweden Rock soon !!!

I love you metal queen

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Worcester, MA

Doro Pesch - at the Palladium UpstairsSep 8, 7:00pmWorcester Palladium@[137462056329980:274:DORO]
The Voice of Warlock

Friday, September 8th
Doors at 7:00pm

Tickets: $25 adv | $30 day
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Doro Pesch - at the Palladium Upstairs

7 days ago

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1 week ago

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All Japanese fans are waiting... Please back to Japan!!

Chicago, close enough I 'spose. I have to go that is certain!

Will there be meet and greet passes?

Grew up on #MetalTango #DoroPesche \m/

Ross Weatherman The Token Lounge holy shiooooot



My idol...

Finally. ... my love Doro

Matthew, get ready for another road trip!

I'm there

September 15 I have Epica/Lacuna Coil in LA and then this the next day. Nice.

30 Jahre !!! .... man sind wir alt ! 😉 😀 <3

Rob Armstrong

Geile CD

Echt schade das sie nicht nach Frankfurt kommt

Monica Pickens

Scotland ??!

Too far away for me to see, but I won't forget when I saw her in 2013. Hell of a show. Got to meet her afterward, too. Gracious as could be.

Those are the ONLY dates for this tour? WHY?! PLEASE tell me more dates TBA? Like say Orlando FL. at the H.O.B.?! Or even Plaza Live!?

Das würde mir auch gefallen. Lange ist her

I HATE the Whisky A Go Go. Worst venue I've ever been to

Please bring this to Canada! \m/

Darko Rajić Daniel Horvat

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MOM'S ROCK!!!! Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women who helped make us who we are! xoxo ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Happy Mother's Day Doro.

Thank you very much, and a very happy Mother's Day to you and your dear Mom, dear DORO! Guess what I found today:

Thank you Doro for being a amazing person and a truly amazing singer your music from warlock and now is awesome been a fan for years I have never seen one of your shows I wish you would come to the west coast my two children are big fans my 22 year old daughter Sabrina ,and my 17 year old son Damien also Damien has a big crush on you 🙂

DORO is the #MotherOfMetal! Happy Mother's Day to you!!!


Doro are you cool woman and best metalhead thank you so much of meeting,beuutifel moment with you,foto,autograf and kiss love so much fan Tom from Czech republic Rock on!

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Hanging with #HarleyCroMag in Berlin! Was an awesome show!
Great tour start!
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2 weeks ago

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Saw the Cro- Mags in the 90s in Stuttgart. One of my favourite gigs eher

You are in Berlin. You bist Deutsche and can`t schreiben German ? Traurig but your Sache.

Beauty and the beast


He didn't try and stab anybody?

She hot

What a moment

Tamás Zsákai Mike Devilock

Fur Immer....always our metal Queen, may she reign for ever!

SRF soon Doro, gonna be a blast !!!

Only musician I've seen ask a fan for a guitar pick because he didn't have one. Happened at Syracuse Hellfest. Crowmags killed it.

Harley Flanagan

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Updated Monsters of Rock Cruise flyer. Public onsale tomorrow May 10! 🤘🏻🤘🏻😬 #theOchoCome one! Come all! It's time for #TheOcho!!
Well... It's time for the public on sale May 10th - TOMORROW!!

Join Tesla the Band, L.A. Guns, Queensrÿche, Kix Band Thunder, Lynch Mob and a #RockNRoll cast that will make your head spin!

Its The 2018 Monsters of Rock Cruise!
#BookYourCabin #MonstersOfRockCruise #MORC #OchoStrong
#GetOnboard #Miami #Caribbean #Jamaica #HeavyMetal #HardRock
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2 weeks ago

Updated Monsters of Rock Cruise flyer. Public onsale tomorrow May 10! 🤘🏻🤘🏻😬 #theOcho

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Monsters of Rock Cruise loves DORO!!

Rebecca White...sound interesting?

Dana Anderson-Shaver !! I wanna go! You know Doro is my favorite!

Везёт же людям!

We need a bigger boat

It's gona be full of sharks no need to worry about what's in the water

Glenn Negård bokar vi?

Fixar du det...absolut..😅💪🏻🤘🏻👊🏻✌🏻...

Betalar naturligtvis!!!😅😅

Autograph is still around???????????

Pretty maids has the best discography..They can tour in 70000TONS or MORC..Amazing band

Patsy VanDeventer Lyons looks like a hell of a show

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Do you LOVE to ROCK? Look at this lineup! \m/

Public onsale tomorrow, May 10... Monsters of Rock Cruise 2018 #TheOcho #MORC2018 #valentinesday
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2 weeks ago

Do you LOVE to ROCK? Look at this lineup! \m/

Public onsale tomorrow, May 10... Monsters of Rock Cruise 2018 #TheOcho #MORC2018 #valentinesday

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Cool - but I will buy a different ticket: I will buy a ticket for <3 Munich <3 December 6th, 2017 and I will buy it on <3 June 3rd <3 and DORO knows why ... 🙂

Im not a fan of cruises at the moment

Phil Nicolaou

Vixen, Lita Ford and Doro... i'd kill to be there.

Gu gu guauuuu!!!

I still can't figure out how Lita Ford Ever headlines anything.

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